Desserts & Snacks

Bag of Chips

    • $ 0.00

Click to choose these Kettle Cooked Chips: Original, Barbecue, Jalapeno, and Salt and Vinegar.

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    • $ 3.00
    • $ 6.00

When you gotta have a brownie! The large order gives you a set of two so you don’t have to share!


Rice Pudding...made fresh

    • $ 2.50
    • $ 4.99

Made in house rice pudding! Made just right for a nice dessert treat. The large size is 2 orders of rice pudding.

Triple Chocolate Cake

    • $ 4.99

A perfect way to top off a great meal! This is a rich cake slice, but just the right amount of everything makes it a balanced chocolate cake you’ll love.